How Have Dogs Influenced Fashion Trends Over the Years?

From ancient civilisations to the glitz and glam of today’s celebrity scene, dogs have been more than just faithful sidekicks—they’ve been major influencers in the world of fashion.

This article uncovers the paw-some impact dogs have had on our fashion choices, from timeless classics to trend-setting moments.

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How have dogs shaped fashion trends in history?

1. Ancient origins

Dogs have influenced human fashion trends all along, with evidence of dog-themed adornments found in ancient civilisations like Egypt and Greece.

2. Symbolism and status

In ancient cultures, dogs were often associated with gods, royalty, and guardianship, leading to their depiction in jewellery, clothing, and accessories as symbols of protection and status.

3. Hunting influence

The popularity of hunting with dogs in medieval Europe influenced fashion trends, with garments and accessories designed for practicality and durability in outdoor pursuits.

4. Victorian Era

The Victorian era saw a surge in dog ownership among the upper class, leading to the incorporation of dog motifs in fashion, including jewellery, clothing embellishments, and accessories like parasols and hand fans.

5. Royalty and aristocracy

Dogs became fashionable accessories among royalty and aristocracy, with specific breeds associated with different social classes and trends in dog ownership influencing fashion choices.

6. Hollywood influence

In the 20th century, Hollywood celebrities and their canine companions became influential in shaping fashion trends, with famous dogs like Toto from “The Wizard of Oz” and Lassie inspiring popular styles and accessories.

7. Designer dog accessories

In contemporary times, designer dog accessories such as collars, leashes, and clothing have become popular among pet owners, reflecting a desire to integrate pets into their fashionable lifestyles.

8. Street style and pop culture

Dogs continue to influence human fashion trends through street style and pop culture, with social media influencers and celebrities showcasing their pets in coordinated outfits and accessories.

9. Pet-inspired fashion collections

Some fashion designers have created pet-inspired fashion collections featuring dog motifs, prints, and accessories, catering to the growing trend of pet ownership and the humanization of pets.

10. Sustainability and ethical fashion

The rise of ethical and sustainable fashion has led to a demand for pet-friendly materials and cruelty-free products, reflecting a growing awareness of the impact of fashion on animals and the environment.

From rocking the latest trends to leaving paw prints on history, dogs have been our partners in style and so much more. And to keep that tail-wagging joy going strong, consider investing in dog insurance for their health and happiness. Ensure their bark is backed by reliable pet health insurance because a healthy dog is a trend that never goes out of style.