6 Things To Consider When Transferring Money Abroad

When sending money overseas, whether for personal or business reasons, many choose a simplistic approach in selecting an international money transfer provider. The initial thought is often to use a bank.

However, based on the amount of money available for the international money transfer, you can save a lot if you consider all your options. Here are 6 things to consider before making that crucial transfer.

  1. Exchange Rate

The foreign exchange market operates round-the-clock, and huge variations in exchange rates, even for a short period, are not unusual. To maximize the value of your overseas money transfer, getting the best exchange rate is essential.

Remember, a better conversion rate on a huge sum of money can save you a lot. Currency experts offer better rates than banks, so it pays to shop around.

  1. Fees

As with the exchange rate, fees are key cost factors when sending money overseas. Familiarize yourself with the charges currency specialists and banks impose on transfers and receiving.

Some banks might charge up to $50 per International money transfer, which is a huge sum if you transact frequently. However, if you have a non-urgent payment, you can explore standard, non-urgent transfers that are often much cheaper than same-day transfers.

  1. Reputation of the Provider 

Currency experts are becoming a more popular alternative to banks during international money transfers. So, before triggering an overseas transaction with any expert or bank, you should check if they are authorized by the relevant regulatory body to facilitate such transfers.

  1. Transfer Speed

When sending money overseas, it is critical to consider the transfer process’s speed. Unfortunately, many people continue to use bank transfers, which might take 1-5 days to process.

The world has evolved, and technology is now what drives cross-border money transfers. Therefore, financial institutions should not only make transactions easier, but also faster. Contact your provider to verify the transfer speed before committing with them.

  1. Is There an Online Alternative?

No more standing in line for hours at the bank or on hold for hours on the phone. Numerous international money transfer providers now provide their consumers with an online platform.

You may require a photo ID, proof of address, and other necessary documentation for regulatory concerns. However, once you have set up an online account, you can complete international transfers anytime from the comfort of your home.

Beneficiary information is also saved for future international money transfers, and payment history is available with a single click.

  1. Customer Support

In case of problems, such as undelivered or delayed payments, having access to customer support through phone or email is important. Avoid using any remittance provider that keeps clients waiting for extended periods.

Ensure your select provider has a record for great customer service by checking out reviews or testimonials. Also, before selecting a provider, make several calls to ascertain you are comfortable with the customer service.

Wrapping Up

Sending money abroad can get costly fast and sometimes risky. So, it does not hurt to be careful. Ensure you consider all the factors highlighted above before transferring money, or choosing the provider you want to work with for a smooth experience.

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