Understanding Margin for Delivery Trading

Investing in the share market requires strategic financial planning and a deep understanding of various trading mechanisms. One such mechanism that has gained popularity among investors is margin for delivery trading.

This article will explore the concept of delivery margin trading, its benefits, and the role of tools like the MTF calculator.

What is Margin Trading?

Margin trading allows investors to buy more securities than they can afford with their available cash by borrowing funds from a broker. This form of trading amplifies potential gains and losses, making it a powerful tool for investors looking to maximize their investment potential.

What is Delivery Margin Trading?

Delivery margin trading refers to using borrowed funds to purchase shares and hold them for delivery rather than for intra-day trading. Unlike intra-day trades, where positions must be squared off by the end of the trading session, delivery margin trading allows investors to take advantage of long-term gains by holding the shares.

Benefits of Delivery Margin Trading

  1. Increased Buying Power:  Investors can purchase a larger quantity of shares than their available capital would otherwise allow, enhancing their market exposure.
  2. Long-term Investment Potential:  By holding shares over a longer period, investors can benefit from potential price appreciation, dividends, and other corporate actions.
  3. Diversification: With increased buying power, investors can diversify their portfolios across various sectors and stocks, spreading the risk.

The Role of MTF Calculator

An MTF (Margin Trading Facility) calculator is an essential tool for investors engaging in margin trading. It helps in calculating the potential costs and benefits associated with margin trading by taking into account the borrowed amount, interest rates, and duration of the loan.

How to Use an MTF Calculator

  1. Input the Purchase Amount: Enter the total amount you intend to invest in the shares.
  2. Enter the Margin Percentage: Specify the percentage of the purchase amount that you will finance through margin.
  3. Interest Rate: Provide the interest rate charged by the broker on the borrowed funds.
  4. Holding Period: Indicate the expected duration for which you plan to hold the shares.

The MTF calculator will then provide an estimate of the total cost, including the interest payable, helping you make informed decisions about your investments.

Top Brokers Offering Delivery Margin Trading

Several brokers in India offer delivery margin trading facilities. Below is a comparative table highlighting some of the top brokers and their offerings:

Broker Key Features Additional Benefits
m.Stock by Mirae Asset Zero brokerage, competitive interest rates, user-friendly platform Advanced trading tools, seamless account management
Zerodha Discount brokerage, low margin requirements, robust trading platform Kite platform, extensive educational resources
ICICI Direct Full-service brokerage, personalized advisory services, wide range of investment options Comprehensive research reports, dedicated RM support
HDFC Securities Reliable brokerage, integrated banking services, multiple trading options 3-in-1 account, strong customer service
Angel Broking Competitive brokerage rates, high margin availability, intuitive trading platform ARQ Prime advisory, real-time market updates


Margin for delivery trading is a compelling option for investors looking to leverage their investments in the share market. By using borrowed funds, investors can amplify their buying power and benefit from long-term market opportunities. Tools like the MTF calculator are invaluable in assessing the costs and benefits of margin trading, ensuring that investors can make informed decisions.

Top brokers offer competitive delivery margin trading facilities, making it easier for investors to access this powerful trading mechanism. By understanding the intricacies of margin trading and choosing the right broker, investors can enhance their market strategies and achieve their financial goals.


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